A World Full of Patterns

mallow star

I took this photo in my garden this week. How amazing that there is a star growing right in the middle of this flower! What amazing patterns have you seen in the world around you?

We have been talking about patterns in our world this week. We are now able to copy, extend, and create a new pattern! The Grade 2 class are also looking for a pattern core (the smallest part of the pattern which repeats) and are learning about how to create a pattern with more than one attribute, or pattern rule. We can use size, shape, position, colourand thickness to create amazing patterns.

Here are some of the students having a great time creating patterns.

DSCN7623 DSCN7632 DSCN7637 DSCN7639 DSCN7630 DSCN7629 DSCN7638


What are your thoughts?

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