Celebrating RED!

We have learned our first ‘Reading Rule’ – ‘No Rule Red’! Every letter in the word ‘red’ says its regular sound – so it is the easiest colour word to learn how to read. We celebrated by eating strawberries and apples, sharing our special red items from home, and dancing and freezing with our red balloons! Red is FABULOUS!

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The Self-Regulated Classroom

Our classroom is becoming a ‘self-regulated classroom’.

What does that mean?

Self-Regulation is the ability to recognize what we need to be able to operate at full capacity. We as adults change our behaviour according to what we need to do to be able to accomplish a set task. For example, if we are thirsty, we get a drink. If we are falling asleep during an important meeting, we change our body position or fidget with our pen.

Children need explicit instruction to be able to recognize how they feel at their optimum learning level, how to get to that level, and how to stay there for long enough to maintain their learning. This year, we will be learning how to:

  • recognize when they need a drink to perk up their brains
  • choose a place to sit to optimize their learning
  • take a body break to rouse their system when they are ‘low’, or to calm their system when they are ‘high’
  • recognize and control their emotions in order to maintain learning potential
  • understand the way they learn most effectively

This is a process. It takes time and energy to become self-aware. I am learning more about this process for myself and for the students all the time, and already I can see the amazing potential of a world in which we are aware of what we need in order to be our best!

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