Celebrating 100 Days of School!

Wow! 100 days! We have spent a lot of time preparing for this day – learning to skip count every 10th day of school with our friend Zero the Hero has gotten us ready for this achievement. I didn’t quite make it to 100 photos this year – but there’s lots to see!

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Time to Celebrate White!

We have learned that ‘wh’ work together to say ‘w’. We are also learning about the ‘pinchy e’ that hops over a letter to pinch a vowel and make it say its own name. This flips the sound – so it uses our  ‘Flippy Dolphin’ reading strategy too! So what could we do but throw a party?

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Welcome, February!

cotton candy.jpg

Happy February!

We have tons of exciting activities planned for the month of February!

100 Days of Learning

February 8th is our 100th day of school! To celebrate our amazing learning in the past 100 school days, we will take the entire day to explore counting, numbers, patterns, and friends! Remember to work on your home projects and set aside 100 special somethings to bring for our special class snack!

Reading Strategies Update

I am working on a handout for parents which will include all of the reading strategies we have been learning in our reading lessons. We now have a great ‘toolbox’ which includes Accuracy, Comprehension, and Fluency strategies. New Fluency Friends are:

  1. Practising Polar Bear reminds us that reading takes practise. To make our reading smooth, we can back up and read the sentence over again after all of the words have been figured out. We can also read and re-read the same books to work on reading smoothly, with expression.
  2. Voracious Reading Rabbit helps us to remember to read, read, and read some more! Rodents must keep chewing constantly to keep their teeth in tip-top shape. Kids need to ‘chew’ on books by reading constantly so that our brains stay in tip-top shape! The more we read, the better we get; the better we get, the more we read!

Addition Strategies

Grade 1 is learning how to add, and Grade 2 is developing more strategies to add and subtract more efficiently. If you want any addition flashcards sent home for additional practice, let me know. We are learning strategies that will help us to find the answer to an adding question in our brains faster. We know that the ‘1 Rule’ says that anything +1 is just the next number in the counting sequence. We will be adding several new strategies this month, and then moving on to subtraction. You can help at home by giving your child practice counting forward and backward starting at random points. Children who can easily count on or back from random starting points find addition and subtraction much easier to grasp.

Check back every month for fresh updates on what we are learning about in our classroom!