April is Here!

seagull egg

Hip-hip-hooray – I think Spring has sprung!

It’s rubber boot season! Please keep popping those dry socks into a spare pocket so that little feet stay dry all day. There will likely be puddles around for a few more weeks so being prepared helps avoid squishy situations.

We are starting some new things, and testing and finishing some ‘old’ things. We are in-between – just like the weather. Here is what we will do this month:

ELA: It is story month! We will be learning how to write simple stories with a beginning, a middle, and an end (Gr. 1), and be exploring story problems (Gr. 2). We will also be learning more about how to infer (more info about that topic is on the Grade 1 and 2 page).

MATH: We are already having fun learning about measurement. Towards the end of the month we will jump into new units – Numbers to 100. Grade 1 will need to order and sequence numbers to 100; Grade 2 will need to add and subtract them! This is a heavy unit, so Measurement is designed to give their little heads a break in between the heavier stuff.

SCIENCE: ‘Objects and Materials’ is all about what things are made out of and why. If you have any interesting objects at home with moving parts, or anything that you don’t mind if we take it apart to look at the parts, send it in! This is a fun one for the ones who like hands-on, building, and designing.

We are working at asking and writing questions. If you want, you could play question games at home. Grab an object and put it secretly into a box or bag and have your child ask you questions until they can guess what’s inside! Or get them to hide something for you, too! OR: have your child think up and write some questions for you to answer – like your age, what your favorite vegetable is, and so on. Have another family member try to answer the questions to see how well you know each other! Family fun is sure to follow!

Keep up the great work in the home reading department. I can see that you have been practicing hard! Reading assessments will be completed in the next 2 weeks.




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