November Came Fast!


Welcome to our November learning plan! Here is what we are up to for the next month:


In Grade 1, we are working on developing a good understanding of numbers up to 20. We are counting forwards and backwards from random numbers in that range, and are practicing quickly recognizing arrangements of dots in quantities up to 10. Also, it is important to be able to name a number 1 or 2 more, or 1 or 2 less than a given number. You can help by doing 5 minute practice sessions at home! The children have a daily ‘Math Job’ binder with erasable pages. Each day we do different things with the number of the day – we draw tally marks, match numeral to quantity, count back and forward, and divide counters into 2 groups to show that numbers are ‘composites’ (7 is made up of 3 and 4, for example). This is a key pre-adding concept to lay down a framework for good understanding of addition and subtraction in the future.

In Grade 2, we have been working at developing our skills and training our eyes to do a better job of estimating. There are times when we don’t have time or it isn’t practical to either count or measure exactly, so learning how to estimate accurately is important. We have found out that organizing objects into groups of ten helps a LOT in getting a fast and accurate estimates. We also have a daily ‘Math Job’ binder. Some of us are learning how to cut a number in half, and how to double it! These daily practice activities are so helpful in helping us to develop ‘number sense’ – a good solid understanding of numbers.


Guided reading groups are going well! I can do more in smaller groups than I can in the larger group. I can custom-design the lessons to address your child’s specific learning needs. We have added several little furry friends to our strategy tool-kit: we now know about ‘Chunky Monkey’ (looking for chunks of smaller words in larger ones), ‘Skippy Frog’ (Skip a word you don’t know, read to the end, and try to put a word in that blank that makes sense). This week we added ‘Flippy Dolphin’ (if some letters can make more than one sound, you have to ‘flip’ the sound and find the one that fits that word.) Wow. So many strategies can help us to read well!


Our Superhero friends are helping us to learn Superhero friendship skills! So far, we have practiced our ‘Joining In Justin’ skills: these are ways in which we can join others properly, using manners, friendly words, eye contact, and compliments. We need to learn how to wait patiently for a good time to join in, and need to be close enough to the person we are speaking to so that we are not yelling across others to get someone’s attention. Whew! Lots to learn! Soon ‘Listening Louis’ will help us to be an active listener in a conversation.