Happy New Year!

frosty spruce.jpg


We are off to a COLD START to our learning – but we are in for some awesome opportunities just the same! Here is what we are learning this month….

Math – Addition and Subtraction

Science – Our Five Senses

Health – My Healthy Body

Social – We only have a few more ‘Super Heroes’ to meet! ‘Peer Pressure Pete’ will help us to grow our skills in doing the right thing even when the pressure is on,  and ‘Conversation Callie’ will help us to practice starting and maintaining a friendly conversation. Our Super Hero buddies have really helped us amp up our social skills!

Coming Soon…. 100th Day of School!

February 12 is our 100 Day Party!! Here are some links to ideas for your child’s 100 Day Project.

100 Day Project Ideas

Pinterest Projects

There are so many ideas to choose from! The idea is to get your child to create a collection of something and get them counting and organizing. We will display our projects in the hallway for a week to make sure they get noticed.

Stay Warm!


What are your thoughts?

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