April Update

Welcome, Spring!

Who would have thought we would be so thankful for PUDDLES?? But here they are, at long last – and our play areas are WET! Keep those extra socks and changes of clothes handy for the next few days!

We are working on measurement in Math but it is a short unit – we will soon be moving on to Numbers to 100 (Grade 1) and addition and subtraction to 100 (Grade 2). We have been having lots of great discussions around living and nonliving things in Science – what great questions have been posed in the past week as we tackle some interesting and tricky topics around what makes a living thing ‘alive’!

We are exploring Healthy Habits in Health class – and this is also the topic of our new songwriting adventure as we prepare our item for the Spring Fling program coming up on May 11.

Let’s go hard – we have lots of ground to cover to prepare for the end of this amazing year!