Happy New Year!

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We are off to a COLD START to our learning – but we are in for some awesome opportunities just the same! Here is what we are learning this month….

Math – Addition and Subtraction

Science – Our Five Senses

Health – My Healthy Body

Social – We only have a few more ‘Super Heroes’ to meet! ‘Peer Pressure Pete’ will help us to grow our skills in doing the right thing even when the pressure is on,  and ‘Conversation Callie’ will help us to practice starting and maintaining a friendly conversation. Our Super Hero buddies have really helped us amp up our social skills!

Coming Soon…. 100th Day of School!

February 12 is our 100 Day Party!! Here are some links to ideas for your child’s 100 Day Project.

100 Day Project Ideas

Pinterest Projects

There are so many ideas to choose from! The idea is to get your child to create a collection of something and get them counting and organizing. We will display our projects in the hallway for a week to make sure they get noticed.

Stay Warm!


Hello October!


What a beautiful fall we have been enjoying!

We are doing a great job of getting used to the routines of our school day! We have enjoyed some very special classroom activities during the past few weeks.

Zero the Hero

Zero the Hero is a very special friend who comes to visit us every 10 days. He LOVES zeroes! He brings the children snacks and treats shaped like a zero, and always brings us a story and some number charts that we use to practice our new skip-counting skills. We have already seen him twice, for our 10th and our 20th days of school. We can’t wait to see what he will bring us on the 30th day!

Colour Parties

We are learning special reading rules for each colour. We know that in the word ‘RED’ every letter makes it’s regular sound, so we call it ‘No Rule Red’. At our Red Party, we shared our red items from home, wore red, ate watermelon, and played a game where we hid Clifford, the big red dog. Fun! Photos will be posted as soon as I can get to it. We are now learning about ‘Squealy  E’. When we see two ee’s side by side, we know that they are extra excited to be together – they squeal! So we underline them when we see them to remember what they sound like. That’s our new ‘GREEN’ colour rule. Once we all know and recognize these special e’s, we will have a green party!

Testing of letter sounds and Sight Words, as well as reading level tests, will be happening in the next few weeks. Please keep working hard at home to master all of the letter sounds and sight words that are sent home. They will help that learning to read process run smoothly!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy New Year!


Here we are in 2017! Want the rundown on what we are learning about this month?

Math – addition and subtraction. Lots of new games have been added to the games page! Check them out! You can also sign up to do some practice on Mathletics. There’s lots to do there, too!

Social – Communities. We will learn about how communities are set up, how they make rules, how they meet our needs, and what important jobs there are. We will be talking to our mayor and exploring Englefeld, too!

Reading – Questioning as a comprehension strategy. We are learning about question marks – how they change how we read sentences, how asking questions as we read can help us to track our learning, and how wondering about our world can help spur new brain growth!

Let’s have a fantastic month and grow TONS of dendrites!  🙂


November Came Fast!


Welcome to our November learning plan! Here is what we are up to for the next month:


In Grade 1, we are working on developing a good understanding of numbers up to 20. We are counting forwards and backwards from random numbers in that range, and are practicing quickly recognizing arrangements of dots in quantities up to 10. Also, it is important to be able to name a number 1 or 2 more, or 1 or 2 less than a given number. You can help by doing 5 minute practice sessions at home! The children have a daily ‘Math Job’ binder with erasable pages. Each day we do different things with the number of the day – we draw tally marks, match numeral to quantity, count back and forward, and divide counters into 2 groups to show that numbers are ‘composites’ (7 is made up of 3 and 4, for example). This is a key pre-adding concept to lay down a framework for good understanding of addition and subtraction in the future.

In Grade 2, we have been working at developing our skills and training our eyes to do a better job of estimating. There are times when we don’t have time or it isn’t practical to either count or measure exactly, so learning how to estimate accurately is important. We have found out that organizing objects into groups of ten helps a LOT in getting a fast and accurate estimates. We also have a daily ‘Math Job’ binder. Some of us are learning how to cut a number in half, and how to double it! These daily practice activities are so helpful in helping us to develop ‘number sense’ – a good solid understanding of numbers.


Guided reading groups are going well! I can do more in smaller groups than I can in the larger group. I can custom-design the lessons to address your child’s specific learning needs. We have added several little furry friends to our strategy tool-kit: we now know about ‘Chunky Monkey’ (looking for chunks of smaller words in larger ones), ‘Skippy Frog’ (Skip a word you don’t know, read to the end, and try to put a word in that blank that makes sense). This week we added ‘Flippy Dolphin’ (if some letters can make more than one sound, you have to ‘flip’ the sound and find the one that fits that word.) Wow. So many strategies can help us to read well!


Our Superhero friends are helping us to learn Superhero friendship skills! So far, we have practiced our ‘Joining In Justin’ skills: these are ways in which we can join others properly, using manners, friendly words, eye contact, and compliments. We need to learn how to wait patiently for a good time to join in, and need to be close enough to the person we are speaking to so that we are not yelling across others to get someone’s attention. Whew! Lots to learn! Soon ‘Listening Louis’ will help us to be an active listener in a conversation.



Celebrating 100 Days of School!

Wow! 100 days! We have spent a lot of time preparing for this day – learning to skip count every 10th day of school with our friend Zero the Hero has gotten us ready for this achievement. I didn’t quite make it to 100 photos this year – but there’s lots to see!

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Time to Celebrate White!

We have learned that ‘wh’ work together to say ‘w’. We are also learning about the ‘pinchy e’ that hops over a letter to pinch a vowel and make it say its own name. This flips the sound – so it uses our  ‘Flippy Dolphin’ reading strategy too! So what could we do but throw a party?

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