May Update

tarda tulips

We are all set to start our new Science Unit! Our discovery will focus on animals and their amazing life cycles. We have had a peek at some frog eggs and tiny tadpoles – our first close-up view of life cycles in action!

We will also be exploring Fairy Tales. We are looking for differences in all the versions of the tales we read, and we have started writing our own versions of Goldilocks!

In Math we have been strengthening our adding and subtracting skills. I’ll be sending home some flashcards to help speed up basic facts.

Enjoy the warm weather!




December Dreamin’

cotton candy

December is here, and we’re all ready for some great learning!


Wow! We sure know a lot of strategies for reading words accurately! We have been practicing Eagle Eyes, Stretchy Snake, Chunky Monkey, Skippy Frog, Flippy Dolphin, Lips the Fish, and Tryin’ Lion! (Refer to the strategies page for more details about the way these strategies work). Now we know that if we have tried every strategy we know and we still can’t figure out a word, we can ask for help (Helpful Kangaroo!)

In addition to Accuracy Strategies, we are really good at making connections using Spinny Spider. She reminds us that we can create our own webs in our brains to connect ideas so that we understand what we are reading much better. We are adding a new Comprehension Strategy to our toolbox this week – ‘Questioning Owl’. We will be learning about how to ask the right kinds of questions as we read to track our understanding. You can help at home by sorting out what is a question and what is a statement – we will be learning the difference between asking and telling.


Grade One: We have another week or so left in our exploration of numbers to 20. Watch for a note signalling when we are ready for our test. Our new Math unit will have us adding and subtracting! Keep up the great counting practice at home! The children need to be able to count forwards and backwards easily starting at random numbers. we do practice this skill at home, but some extra home practice sure wouldn’t hurt until this skill becomes automatic.

Grade 2: Our test date is Dec. 6th. Your child will be bringing a note home outlining what he/she needs to know how to do to be successful. Please let me know if you have any questions before that date to clear anything up!


‘Emotions Emma’ is our newest Superhero social skills helper! She helps us to figure out what our emotional triggers are, how to recognize when we are losing control of our feelings, and how to properly address and then let go of our strong feelings. Great practice!! We will spend considerable time on this topic – it takes a while to process all of this information and apply it to real life. In addition, our Lego town is taking shape as we all build a business to add to it. We will be learning about some important jobs in communities and how each business helps to meet our needs. The kids are super pumped about their little Lego characters!

December really flies by – enjoy the preparations and activity of this Christmas season – and have a wonderful and blessed time with family and friends when we get to the holidays!

April is Here!

seagull egg

Hip-hip-hooray – I think Spring has sprung!

It’s rubber boot season! Please keep popping those dry socks into a spare pocket so that little feet stay dry all day. There will likely be puddles around for a few more weeks so being prepared helps avoid squishy situations.

We are starting some new things, and testing and finishing some ‘old’ things. We are in-between – just like the weather. Here is what we will do this month:

ELA: It is story month! We will be learning how to write simple stories with a beginning, a middle, and an end (Gr. 1), and be exploring story problems (Gr. 2). We will also be learning more about how to infer (more info about that topic is on the Grade 1 and 2 page).

MATH: We are already having fun learning about measurement. Towards the end of the month we will jump into new units – Numbers to 100. Grade 1 will need to order and sequence numbers to 100; Grade 2 will need to add and subtract them! This is a heavy unit, so Measurement is designed to give their little heads a break in between the heavier stuff.

SCIENCE: ‘Objects and Materials’ is all about what things are made out of and why. If you have any interesting objects at home with moving parts, or anything that you don’t mind if we take it apart to look at the parts, send it in! This is a fun one for the ones who like hands-on, building, and designing.

We are working at asking and writing questions. If you want, you could play question games at home. Grab an object and put it secretly into a box or bag and have your child ask you questions until they can guess what’s inside! Or get them to hide something for you, too! OR: have your child think up and write some questions for you to answer – like your age, what your favorite vegetable is, and so on. Have another family member try to answer the questions to see how well you know each other! Family fun is sure to follow!

Keep up the great work in the home reading department. I can see that you have been practicing hard! Reading assessments will be completed in the next 2 weeks.