Links for Parents

Welcome parents!

This is a space for me to add links to great websites with activities you can do with your kids, lunch ideas, articles on encouraging young learners – anything I am learning or think you might be interested in! If there is a topic that you want to know more about, or you have questions about what we are doing, let me know so that I can post things that will be of service to you.

Great Lunch Ideas

15 School Lunch Ideas

20 Ways to Help Your Child Learn

Helping Your Child Love Learning

Self Regulation

Self Regulation is the ability to keep one’s self at the right state of alertness for their best learning potential. Some children need to learn how to manage their emotions in more efficient ways. Some children need to learn how to manage their wiggles. Some need to find ways to boost their energy levels when they are tired. We will be learning many tricks and techniques to give each student the opportunity to figure out how they learn best, and what they need when they are not working at their best. Here are some articles to help you understand what we are learning in class:

Tips for Helping Your Child Develop Self-Regulation

Easy Ways to Teach Your Child to Self-Regulate

Developing Self-Regulation


Playground to encourage independence in children…

Tons of ideas here to help your child learn Sight Words


What are your thoughts?

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