Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies

We use many different Reading Strategies in our classroom to ensure that your child is an accurate, confident reader who understands what he/she reads. We use the CAFE approach (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expand Vocabulary).

These are our Comprehension Strategies.

Spinny Spider: Make Connections
* text to text
* text to self
* text to world

Questioning Owl: Questioning
* Ask questions
* look for answers
* Who, What, Where, Why

Rocky Raccoon: Visualise as you read
Make a movie in your head as you read

Iggy the Inferring Iguana: Infer as you read!
Make predictions
Draw conclusions
Reflect while you read

Digger the Dog: Determine important Ideas!
Dig for important details
Dig for important information

Jabber the Parrot: Synthesise and Retell
Put the information together and think about what you read
Retell in your own words
Synthesise and Retell

Fix Up Bear: Monitor and Fix-Up
Think while you read

Use fix-up strategies to
understand Meaning, word and picture clues

These are the Accuracy Strategies that we use in our classroom. (The pictures haven’t come through yet but I’m working on it!)



Eagle Eye – Look at the pictures!

·       Look at the picture for clues

Lips the Fish – Get your lips ready!

·       Say the first few sounds of the new word

·       Read to the end of sentence and say it again

Stretchy Snake – Stretch it out!

·       Stretch the word out slowly

·       Put the sounds together

Chunky Monkey – Chunk the Word!

·       Look for a chunk that you know (-at, -an)

·       Look for a word part (-ing, -er)

Skippy Frog – Skip It, Skip It!

·       Skip the word

·       Read to the end of the sentence

·       Hop back and READ IT, READ IT!


Tryin’ Lion – Try it again!

·       Try to reread the sentence

·       Try a word that makes sense

Helpful Kangaroo – Ask for help!

·       Ask for help (after you have tried all of the other strategies

Never let the word win.  Read on!!!!

Fluency Strategies help us to read smoothly, with expression, paying attention to all punctuation.

Practicing Polar Bear: re-read familiar texts to practice reading smoothly. When you have been reading slowly to figure out new words, back up and read it again to make it smoother.

Voracious Reading Rabbit: Read. Lots. Every day! Rabbits are rodents and need to chew every day. Kids need to ‘chew’ on good books every day!



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