Welcome to a New School Year!

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Welcome back, everyone!

Today we started a whole new learning adventure! Here are the things we will be learning about in September”

Math – Patterns

Social – Rules and Procedures

Health – Healthy Behaviours

ELA Grade 1 : letter review, Sight Words

ELA Grade 2: short vowels review

Here’s to a fantastic year of learning!


Happy New Year!


Here we are in 2017! Want the rundown on what we are learning about this month?

Math – addition and subtraction. Lots of new games have been added to the games page! Check them out! You can also sign up to do some practice on Mathletics. There’s lots to do there, too!

Social – Communities. We will learn about how communities are set up, how they make rules, how they meet our needs, and what important jobs there are. We will be talking to our mayor and exploring Englefeld, too!

Reading – Questioning as a comprehension strategy. We are learning about question marks – how they change how we read sentences, how asking questions as we read can help us to track our learning, and how wondering about our world can help spur new brain growth!

Let’s have a fantastic month and grow TONS of dendrites!  🙂


Celebrating RED!

We have learned our first ‘Reading Rule’ – ‘No Rule Red’! Every letter in the word ‘red’ says its regular sound – so it is the easiest colour word to learn how to read. We celebrated by eating strawberries and apples, sharing our special red items from home, and dancing and freezing with our red balloons! Red is FABULOUS!

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Super Senses!


















Science can be a lot of fun!

Students were kept busy experimenting at 3 different centres. At each, they did different things to different objects so that their characteristics changed!




At one centre, students used sandpaper to change blocks of wood from rough to smooth.










Here, students observed ice cubes, and found that if they held them in their hands, the ice changed to water – from a hard solid to wet liquid. They were excited to observe the change in the bowl when they came in from recess!












Others were challenged to change lumps of clay with their hands, and turned formless, shapeless lumps into amazing shapes.

The learning was so engaging, the students wanted to stay in for recess!  🙂