November News

Sitting on the Fence

Welcome to Winter!

With the snow comes more learning as our classroom gets deeper and further into our studies. November is a busy month, as we prepare and fill our portfolios and complete testing for our first Report Cards which come out on November 14th. Here is what our learning will look like:

Math – Gr. 1s are advancing in our study of the numbers to 20. We will need to be able to name numbers before and after a given number, and count forward and backward starting at a random number. This skill will prepare us for the introduction of addition and subtraction later on. Gr. 2 s are practicing lots of patterns using numbers – skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, forward and backward. You can help at home by doing lots of counting patterns – especially backwards.

In Health we have begun learning how to deal with our emotions in healthy ways. We will be learning specific strategies for dealing with the strongest emotions – anger, fear, and sadness. Ask your child when he/she is calm how to deal with different situations, talking their potential responses through. This will help them when the strong feelings hit them to work through the situation without spraying their feelings all over other people!

Our Social Studies program will continue with new super hero characters – Making Mistakes Maggie helps us to admit when we are wrong and do what we can to make things right. Later, Managing Emotions Emma will reinforce what we are learning in our Health program to ensure that we have many strategies and coping plans in place to deal with life’s stresses.

Keep up the great work reading and practicing Sight Words at home! The reading scores will definitely reflect the strong home support these little ones have.

Let’s do this!  🙂



March Update

ghostly icicles

It’s Puddle time!

March is dripping its way into our world, and with it will come lots of sloshy days and wet snow. Please pop an extra pair of socks into your child’s backpack so that we can deal with those little cold, wet feet!

Here is what’s up for our month of learning:

Math: We are working hard at adding and subtracting numbers to 12. We have given your child some strategies, such as counting on or back, using doubles, and drawing pictures. If there are any simple real life situations where you could point out some adding or subtracting in a natural way, do it! Add or subtract plates on the table at supper time, make up stories about how many boots are leaving to go to the hockey game as you leave, add the wheels sitting in the garage or birds at the feeder. This will help your little ones connect their learning to the real world and reinforce what we are learning at school.

Science: Watch for a note outlining what your child can study for – there will be a test scheduled for the week before Easter. Until then we will finish up our course material and do some studying of our own at school to teach the kids some great study skills.

ELA: We are now learning how to INFER as we read! Iggy the Inferring Iguana has joined our crew of reading strategy pets, and he helps us to ‘read between the lines’ to get at the author’s meaning, even if the words don’t spell everything out for us. So far we have been inferring how people feel from photos, inferring words from our friend’s clues, and inferring added meaning from some great stories.

We are also working very hard on reading and writing complete sentences (Gr. 1) and putting sentences into paragraphs (Gr. 2). Every day we write a sentence using our word of the day in our agendas.

Many of the Grade One students are still having trouble forming their letters properly. In the next few weeks some additional printing practice sheets may show up in your child’s backpack. Please help your child to form letters top to bottom, on the correct space on the lines. Being able to form letters properly, neatly, and in the right space will help ease the stress on their hands, arms and shoulders as they write more and more in the coming grades.